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  • Scallop Surface Mount Pathway Lights
  • Scallop Surface Mount Pathway Lights
  • Scallop Surface Mount Pathway Lights
  • Scallop Surface Mount Pathway Lights
Scallop Surface Mount Pathway Lights Scallop Surface Mount Pathway Lights Scallop Surface Mount Pathway Lights Scallop Surface Mount Pathway Lights

Scallop Surface Mount Pathway Lights

Product Name 

Surface Mounted Led Dock Lights

Product Feature

The LED Pathway Light is made from 316L stainless steel is designed for many applications including marina walkways, driveways, parks and anywhere an illumination is required without glare. The pathway light throws a flat, wide beam of light to produce accent lighting and safety lighting to areas where pedestrian traffic is likely.
The color output have RGB, RGBW, Warm White, Cool White, Natural White, Also available in white and blue combination for marina’s. Combinations can be customized.

1.Perfect for Docks, Pathways or Driveways

2.Can be driven over by car/truck

3.Single, RGB, RGBW or Dual Color

4.Low VoltageDC10-30V - Draws very little power

5.3 years warranty

6.Super slim profile 



Product Specification

Product Name
LED Dock Light
Model Number
Total Power
LED Chip
Bridgelux / C-REE
Emitting Color
Single Color / Daul Color / RGB /RGBW
Input Voltage
10-30VDC / 12VDC
Beam Angle
Power Efficiency
Color Rendering Index(CRI)
Frequency Range
Power Factor(PF)
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)
Working Lifetime
IP Rating
Housing Material
316 Stainless Steel
Product Size
135 x 105 x H20 (MM)
Gross Weight

Product Picture


Product size: (mm)

Product Application

Lighting up your dock, patio or pathway is what it's all about, Perfect for Docks, Pathways or Driveways. Once you see these cast Stainless Steel lights in person, you'll be very impressed with the quality and finish of the product. Use them for patio lights around the perimeter of your patio, or perhaps along a pathway to accent the edges, or maybe along the edge of the dock to illuminate the deck between the pilings.

The pathway led lights are very slim and have a tapered design making them hard to trip over when walking along the dock. Outdoor pathway lighting is available in various LED colors.

Most of the time these are mounted on the floor, however they can also be mounted onto a the face of a flat piling. This would illuminate downwards on the floor as well as up the wall/piling. Each  pathway light comes with a 2 meters marine grade cable that will need to be extended and wired directly to a 12V low voltage transformer. You will probably want to put these on a timer to come on from dusk to dawn.Dock/Marina Lighting Pathway walkover light, manufactured from full 316L stainless steel construction with IP68 Protection .

With high output LED's giving you the ultimate flat beam illumination solution for walkways in marinas, docks or anywhere you need unobtrusive lighting. The carefully engineered wide beam-angle minimizes glare while cleanly illuminating walkway surfaces. The best light for dock and pathway. It is available in 316L stainless steel polish finish. The light is any standard 10v-30v DC power supply;  Completely water sealed and IP68 protection.


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